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For companies that have a public place of business, customer perspective and image is everything. What people think about your business has a huge impact on their decision to shop at your store. Having a clean building, inside and out, will make customers more incline to do business with you and shop at your store. So keeping it clean is a must. Nobody likes to shop at a dirty facility, do you?

So let's discuss cleaning the outside.

Businesses need to give a good presentation. But exterior building cleaning gets overlooked too often. Your presentation should start when customers arrive. That means you should keep the parking lot cleaned and the building's exterior washed. Doing so will ensure that your prospects come inside so you can give that perfect sales pitch.
Don't make the mistake of thinking this only applies to shopping centers and retail stores. Keeping a restaurant or even a real estate office clean can have the same affect on clients. The safety of the customer is also an issue when maintaining a particular property.

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