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When you think of house cleaning you normally think interior, but exterior house cleaning is also an important part of your home's overall maintenance. Keeping the exterior of your home clean will not only make it look great, but it will also reduce maintenance and repair costs while increasing its value.

Exterior house cleaning / house washing services consist of pressure washing houses to restore the beauty of homes that are covered with dirt, mold, algae and other substances that diminish the curb appeal of the homes exterior. Not every pressure washing job or house cleaning project is the same and the results can vary depending on the condition of the exterior of your house. Harsh weather conditions, general wear and tear and pollution all contribute to the disintegration of wood, paint and metal that keeps us sheltered from these conditions.

Pressure washing a house is very affordable, costs thousands less than painting, and can achieve the same results in many cases, making pressure cleaning perfect for home owners, rental properties and real estate for sale.

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