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Frequently asked Questions for Home Owners

Q. Is there a difference between aluminum and vinyl?
A. Yes, aluminum is a painted surface and can stain easily while vinyl has the color all the way through and does not stain easily.

Q. How often should i wash the siding of my home?
A. When you see dirt or mold starting to build up on the siding it's time. Mold that is growing on your siding can start to grow on the underside of the siding. This could lead to moldy oders in your home.

Q. Do I need to put any wood protector on my deck?
A. Yes, even if your deck is made out of pressure treated lumber. If you don't protect the wood from rain, snow, and the sun, the deck will start to crack, warp, and show its age. A deck should be treated every two years.

Q. Do I need to be home to have my deck or home cleaned?
A. No, you don't need to be home. After you inspect the service then we can make arrangement for payment.

Q. I have noticed that there is mold growing on my roof shingles should I have this cleaned?
A. Yes, mold growing on the roof shingles can lift the shingles as the mold grows. This will allow the wind to get under the shingles and rip them free from your roof.

Q. Do I get a price break if I get more than one item washed?
A. Yes.

Q. Do the Chemicals you use hurt the environment (grass, trees, animals or humans)?
A. No, everything we use is approved by the EPA.

Q. Why do my gutters have black streaks on them?
A. This is what happens when your roof shingles get hot from the sun then it rains. Shingles are made of tar and that's what stains your gutters.


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